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3 Ways to Wear Your Summer Playsuit in the Fall

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When you live in a cold winter city like New York, Summer is something you hang onto for dear life.  The instant a glimmer of sunshine arrives in April, you gleefully whip out that Spring wardrobe.  But when the Fall chill arrives in September, you gloomily put those tanks back to the bottom of the drawer…it’s “Leather Jacket Weather Time” (which is fun at first, but then quickly sours once you’re freezing).


Summer never seems long enough and it can feel like those vibrant Summer pieces never get enough wear.  You enjoy them for 3 months and then it’s “see ya next year.”


But there’s hope…


With a little bit of layering, inspiration and creativity, you can make some of your Summer pieces last through the Fall…stylishly.  Take playsuits for example.  Playsuits are a super-cute Summer staple, but they don’t have to be limited to just that time.  So, don’t put them away yet!  Check out our 3 Ways to Wear Your Summer Playsuit in the Fall:


Wear them with stockings

From fishnets to opaques, you can pair your playsuits with stockings that have the right thickness for the temperature.








Wear them with boots

Pick your poison: knee-high or thigh-high







Wear them with a faux fur

Traditional faux fur like Red Fox keeps it classy.  Bright faux fur is BOLD, but super-hot this season!







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